About Me


Olivia Miller was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, but spent the first eighteen years of her life in Maryville, Tennessee. From a very early age, Olivia sought to express herself creatively. She began taking dance classes at age three, and trained in ballet, tap, jazz, and modern techniques for fifteen years. Although she was active in performing arts, she did not explore visual art and design until attending Savannah College of Art and Design. While studying at SCAD, Olivia became interested in exploring notions of tactility and surface. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, and works full-time as a trend forecaster for Kohl's.

I seek to create work that infuses the old with the new. My artistic practice is rooted in notions of the palimpsest; a term that refers to an object that has been reused or reinvented, but still possesses aspects of it’s original form or function. Growing up in a house filled with antique furniture and family heirlooms instilled a passion for aged textiles, vintage jewelry, and found objects. I am drawn to the story these old, discarded, or unwanted items have to tell, and how I can reinterpret that narrative through the transmutation of their tactility. I collage, paint, stitch, tape, distress, embellish, and employ other hand-manipulated processes in order to strike a balance between concealing and revealing what once was, and what I envision the future iteration of the object to be.